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Lead the Way College Advising


Navigate the college selection process with confidence.  Lead the Way College Advising will provide education on the recruiting process, explore college playing opportunities and devise a proactive plan for the college selection process.


One On One Consulting:

Successfully navigate the college selection process with a comprehensive individualized plan. Advising includes education on the college selection and recruiting process, an academic and athletic timeline and creating a proactive plan.  This plan will be catered specific to each student-athletes needs, timelines and aspirations. LTW consultants will commit to 10-12 hours of consulting per student that is enrolled in this plan.  Members can enroll starting in 2019.


Players may also meet hourly base on thier individual needs.

Sample one on one consulting includes but is not limited to:
Athletic Assessment
    Player assessment by former collegiate coach
    Recommendation for level of play D1, D2 and/or D3
    Skills and athletic development plan to include best practices to develop    

Academic Assessment
    Review transcript, test scores and school profile
    Recommendations to strengthen academic transcript and course selection

College Assessment
    Review College Selection Process
    Identify key factors to begin college search  


1 year membership with online recruiting platform
    Recommendations for college field hockey programs                     

    Oversee communications with college coaches
    Review any gaps in communication


Course of action to include

    Skill athletic development plan
    Showcase plan to include timelines and events in the best interest of the player
    Recruiting plan to include correspondences to coaches, video and education of
the recruiting guidelines


For more information or to enroll contact Rebecca Campbell at 401-419-6383 or at leadthe_way@yahoo.com