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Lead the Way Youth and Middle School Fall Programs

September- October 6 weeks of 1x per week practice and Saturday league play annouced in July of 2020


                                    The first Fall League in Rhode Island- established in 2005
The goal of our Lead the Way Youth and Middle School Field Hockey Programs is to provide consistent training, improve participant’s skills, and provide playing opportunities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Programs are offered to athletes ranging from 1st-8th grade. Girls will be placed on teams based on their current grade. Programs will be offered in several locations and players can register based on their regional preference. Players will practice one time per week and participate in League games held on Saturdays. Lead the Way Fall League consists of teams throughout RI, Southern MA and CT.
Lead the Way will offering sites at the following Locations, registration details will be 7/2020
Lead the Way Southern RI - World Wide Sport, North Kingstown, RI 
Lead the Way MA- Forekicks Taunton, MA 
See down below if you have a team of players that wants to participate in Games Only 
Fall League Information (all Lead the Way locations will participate in the fall league) 
  • Game will be held on Saturdays starting on Sept -Oct  (We will play on Columbus Day Weekend)  
  • League is open to Lead the Way Teams, Recreation and Town Teams     
  • Make up for any game cancelation will be made up based on availability (but not guaranteed)
  • Saturday League games will be played at Brown University, Providence, RI & East Greenwich High School time TBD


Lead the Way Southern Team (RI) 

Location: Wide World of Indoor Sports South, North Kingstown , RI

Practice Dates: tba 

Time:  tba 

Games: Saturdays at Brown University or  East Greenwich High School  time TBD

Divisions: 1st- 3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, and  6th-8th Grade

Cost: $185                                                                              


Lead the Way  MA Team 

Location: Forekicks Taunton, MA  

Practice Dates:  tba

Time:  tba 

Games: Saturdays at Brown University  or  East Greenwich High School  time TBD

Divisions: 1st- 3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, and  6th-8th Grade

Cost: $185  


Lead the Way Games Only 

Games: Saturdays at Brown University.East Greenwich High School  time TBD

Divisions: 4th-5th Grade, and  6th-8th Grade

Cost: $75

Requirements: For players with Experience and that can only attend the league games and are not from the following towns SK,EG and Stonington.  Or LTW U14. 


 GAMES ONLY: For existing recreation teams:

Lead The Way also offers an opportunity for existing team to join the Fall League and participate in GAMES ONLY. While players will register through their own local program, they still need to complete our online waiver to be placed on a team. Currently we have teams from Stongington, CT, East Greenwich and South Kingstown . Find your program below and complete this waiver system AFTER you have registered with your local program.
STONINGTON 6th-8th                         EAST GREENWICH                            SOUTH KINGSTOWN


links will be availabe on 7/2020
 below to send an email requesting this option & we will contact you shortly. Be sure to include your name and contact number.