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Lead the Way College Advising is listed under additional offerings on this website, if you are interested in setting up a one on one consultation with LTW Staff please contact Rebecca directly at leadthe_way@yahoo.com 

College Recruiting & Selection Process (updated on 2/12/2020) 

The right fit for you, everyone's journey is different, do NOT compare yourself to others, instead find the right fit for you!

To include: 

Academics / Athletics /Socially /Location /Financial 

Research and Create a plan, devise a list of schools (this may have a list of colleges with FH and some without):

(get support from club coach, high school coach, guidance counselor)  

Visit College Websites to Learn about Upcoming College Prospect Days 

College websites are a great way to learn about college athletics, divisions and conferences. While on the website remember to fill out the athletic questionaire of schools you are interested in pursuing. 

additional resource visit: www.fieldhockeycorner.com for all schools that offer field hockey and the 2019 ranking for

D1, D2 and D 3

Prospect Clinics and Tournaments

Are held on college campuses are a great way to begin the college selection process!  This will give you an opportunity to begin thinking about what you are looking for in a college, ie. distance from home, the size you are most interested in and if you prefer an urban or rural campus. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet the coaching staff as well as interact with the girls on the team.

If you have begun corresponding with colleges you may be starting to recieve information regarding this clinics via email.  In addition, most often this clinics are listed on the field hockey page of the college website. We encourage you to attend these clinics. 

Wheaton Sample

Recruiting 101 (notes from recruiting meeting on 3/2/2019)

3 Elements of Recruiting

  • Development
    • Assess what your current playing ability
    • Attend practice, practice on your own, lessons, learn and play the game, develop your technical and tactical skills
  • Exposure
    • Attend tournaments, college clinics, regional and national tournaments (with and without club)
    • We recommend  individuals to sign up certain showcases there are many and some are better than others (check in with LTW staff if you have questions)   
  • Create Proavtive Plan
    • To market yourself and strategically map out a plan for the college selection and recruiting process
    • Research and reach out to schools that interest you

What division can I play at?

  • Division I
    • 78 programs
    • 12 scholarships = fully funded
  • Division II
    • 35 programs
    • 6.3 scholarships = fully funded
  • Division III
    • 165 programs
    • No athletic scholarships
  • Myths
    • Not all programs are fully funded and not all schools offer scholarships
    • Scholarships are for 4 years and everything is paid for
    • College coaches will find you

Helpful Wesbites: